Eldorado Task Force, 2015
Light box
analog C-print on Duratrans, 120 x 140cm


Eldorado Task Force
Installation, 2016

2 light boxes (Indian(er) Jones III, Eldorado Taskforce), various objects from the Salzburg Museum collection, floor texts, touch screen with texts and photos (Tim Sharp)


MuKul- Museum for Foreign and Familiar Cultures


Western Still Life, 2013
analog C-print, 150 x 126cm


La Catrina or anothe Mexican Afternoon, 2013
analog C-print 126 x 102cm + 16 C-prints each 31,5 x 40cm


Indian(er) Jones IV- Dreams of New Worlds, 2013
analog C-print, 140 x 170cm


Indian(er) Jones III –High Stakes, 2012
analog C-print, 140 x 174cm


Geisterbeschwörung, 2012
analog C-print, 126 x 150cm


No Futures!, 2009
analog C-print, 133 x 157cm


Fuimus Ibi, 2008
analog C-print, 76 x 54cm