Qiu Zhijie

Lithography, 2008

  on STPI handmade paper
  with screen-print acrylic
  127 x 101,6 cm
  Ed: 6/12

Propagator in the Darkness

Winter Solstice

Capital: Waiting for the Naissance of the Dragon


Etching, 2008

  soft ground etching, lithography and relief
  on STPI handmade paper
  107,3 x 81,3 cm
  Ed. 5/12

  Text-Download: Etching (PDF)

Break the Ice

Cloven Land


Woodcut, 2008

  Cryptogram series
  b/w on paper, AP
  ca. 66 x 53 cm

The Mousai had left

Sisyphus comes to oneself

I still have half of it



Qiu Zhijie beim Arbeiten in der Charim Galerie
Mai 2009 (c) Kurt Kladler