Hana Miletić
*1982 in Zagreb, lives and works in Brussels

Marina Pinsky
*1986 in Moscow, lives and works in Brussels and Berlin

Pusha Petrov
*1984 in Timişoara, lives and works in Banat, Romania and Paris

Daniel Otero Torres
*1985 in Bogota, lives and works in Paris

Kasia Fudakowski
*1985 in London, lives and works in Berlin

Peter Kogler,

*1959 in Innsbruck, lives and works in Vienna

Adel Abdessemed

*1971 in Constantine, Algeria lives and works in Paris


Fatalité 2011
Adel Abdessemed
Installation with 7 hand-blown Murano glass microphones, variable dimensions,
exhibition view, NU, 2011, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
Courtesy of Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv and Brussels



(des)coase, Adjjima (Berenice) 2019
Pusha Petrov
Transparent sticker, 60.5 x 86.5 cm
Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Pusha Petrov assisted by Tijana Todorovic



Marcelino Hernandez Fudakowski 2017
Kasia Fudakowski
Dyed and natural tule, 950 x 170 cm
Courtesy of the artist, Lodos, Mexico City and ChertLüdde, Berlin.
Photo: PJ Rountree



Untitled 2017
Peter Kogler
Mixed media, 100 x 100 cm



Softwares 2019
Hana Miletić
Double Jacquard-woven textile manipulated by hand (white polyester,
skin colored polyamide, beige polyamide, white wool and silk),
textile: 150x400x0.5cm
Courtesy of the artist and LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina
Photo: Isabelle Arthuis



Memory Module B 2019
Marina Pinsky
Embroidery on nickel, copper and silver-plated aluminum, polyester batting,
steel hardware, polyisocyanurate foam, UV-cured inkjet print on aluminum,
Courtesy of the artist and CLEARING New York, Brussels
Photo: Eden Krsmanovic



Melancolía 2014
Daniel Otero Torres
Installation of two sculptures.
Graphite on inox, steel, concrete, 52 x 123 x 49 cm
Courtesy of the artist and mor charpentier, Paris




























Ausstellungsfotos: Nathan Murrell

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