Katharina Gruzei | Every Shade an Image
Charim Schleifm├╝hlgasse | 05.05.2021 - 02.07.2021
Opening: Tuesday, 04. May, 2021 11:00
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Katharina Gruzei
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In her solo show "Every Shade an Image" at Charim Schleifm├╝hlgasse, Katharina Gruzei presents her photo series of the same name, which was created in the fall of 2020. With her 14-part analog series, the artist creates an atmospheric imagery in which she approaches the complex topic of identity, while at the same time creating an artwork in which she addresses the medium of photography itself.  In her images, she plays with "showing" and "not showing," thus blurring the line between seeing and imagining and initiating an interaction between image and viewer.