AJUSCOS - curated by Eiko Gröschl und Daniel Hüttler
Charim Schleifmühlgasse | 17.01.2020 - 17.02.2020
Opening: Thursday, 16. January, 2020 18:00
Artists Press Release
Marco Antonio Aviña
Jose Eduardo Barajas
Eiko Gröschl
Luna Ghisetti
Nanna Kaiser
Amanda Piña
Lucia Elena Průša
Press Release

In the saturated sight of a city that swims on millions of watery sediments there is a sight that marks the west-end of a prehispanic lake and rises up to delimitate the natural Meters of the Polis.
From every window in the memory of that place, CDMX ; the urban organism, constructed by no-one but earth itself, modulates the scenery for million of individually concieved stories and play under that same shadow.