Marius Brem
Charim Factory | Residency | 08.12.2023 - 29.02.2024
Press Release



Marius Brem has taken up residence in the Charim Factory, and has turned it into a playground. 


The large space holds different areas in which various materials unfold, intermingle and find new forms. The work develops in parallel processes, the artist moving between them like a gardener. There is no goal, but the side effects can be joy, pleasure, learning, frustration, boredom, confusion, uncertainty, excitement, disappointment, satisfaction. Sometimes the play is light, sometimes it is heavy; a way of grappling with complexities faced internally and externally.


Finally, the doors to the space will open for what has emerged to be seen. For the last weekend of February (23-25th), there will be various events, workshops and gatherings in the space, allowing visitors to engage in the work in different ways and find their own playful responses.

Finissage Programme 23-25.2.