Residency: Roberta Lima
Charim Factory | Residency | 25.09.2021 - 15.11.2021
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Roberta Lima
Press Release

In my latest works I explore with self-sustainability and alternative sources of materials for producing and performing artworks. I looked in the intersection between nature and technology, folklore and feminism, to start a series of works that focus on transformation.

With Bright (2021) I continue to investigate the potential of art in challenging and redefining structures by looking further into the dualistic role of technology in our lives. The corona crisis has caused many shifts and we have become more dependent on scientific knowledge than ever before. As humanity moves towards less restricted times, it is crucial to ask:

 How can we make use of technological advances to discover new forms of artistic production?

Post-pandemic times have historically been followed by an urge for sociability, associated with brightness, celebration, and creativity. The contrast between dark and bright, destruction and transformation, will be visually created through multi-media installation spread along the space of Charim Factory. Showing images inspired by Nordic folklore and landscapes, such as midsummer, midnight sun, and bonfires, the works in the exhibition revolve around the element of fire.

Roberta Lima