Charim Dorotheergasse | 11.02.2021 - 02.04.2021
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Hannes Böck
Philipp Fleischmann
Anna Hofbauer
Dorit Margreiter
Dóra Maurer
Miae Son
Exhibition Views
Press Release

"Transfers" shows works that mark different forms of displacement.
These include the transfer of material to film (Hannes Böck) or the moment of transferring production into an institutional framework (Philipp Fleischmann). Anna Hofbauer shifts the built architectural space into relief-like structures and thus negotiates the shift from three-dimensional to two-dimensional space. Miae Son, in turn, characterizes the process of taking over space through the body, while Dorit Margreiter's work deals with the return of digital recordings into analog objects. Dóra Maurer's work shows an abstract geometric drawing that transfers the medium into the material, thus making visible the shift from design to execution and documentation (of space).